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2017-04-10 Update Protrait Shooting

Recently I had had a portrait shooting, which I don't do very often. I always enjoyed them since they have all been a wonderful experience to me. The last one, however, was the most magical shooting I ever had. Valeria and me have met in the garden of a german castle, which is famous for its landscape gardening. One of the higlights there are the romantic Japanese Cherry trees that flourish only a few days. To top it all, we were rewarded by a macigal sunset! And Valeria was brilliantly with her gorgeous smiling. See for yourself!

2017-04-10 Update SENSE OF HOME

I'm blessed! I don't want to spend much time on explaining why. Lately I took another panorma picture at the late afternoon... in the right spot at the right time! See for yourself!

2017-02-18 Update SENSE OF HOME

Miracles are said to happen every now and then. Today I experienced one on my own! As photography is a hobby of mine and I really want to improve, I chose Heidelberg as my "training post": Every time I hear or learn something new concering photography I visit this charming city to put it into prectice. Recently I learned how to create a panorama picture and my very first result is just stunning! Right after sunset heaven turned into tender shades of violet and red, wich in turn made me feel touched and grounded by the beauty and power of the spectacle. Check out the gallery of my latest Project 'SENSE OF HOME' to see what I mean!

2017-01-18 SENSE OF HOME

Today I am very excited to announce my latest photography project! SENSE OF HOME refers to the feeling you have towards the places where you feel comfortable, safe, and beloved. It might be the city in which you were born, the region in which you grew up or even different places in the world you feel connected to. 'Home is where the heart is' would describe it perfectly. Mine, however, belongs to the region where I grew up and where I still live. But it also belongs to certain regions in Italy, for sure. These are the places I want to share with you in 2017 starting with the fabulous Christmas market 2016 in my hometown (since the project will end in November '17 and Christmas is a wonderful time here in my place).
Enjoy and stay curious!

2017-01-02 New Updates on and modifications of anvilo-art.com

Quite some time has passed since the last update. All the more I am happy to inform you about the alterations! You may have noticed I slightly changed the structure of the main site here on anvilo-art. Mainly, the 'Freinds Section' moved to the portfolio where it actually belongs to. And second, 'Anvilo' changed to 'Conservation' which is due to fact that anvilo-art is more than the Conservation-Project.
Besides the new structure I have also added new photographic work to 'Conservation Photography' as part of my portfolio as well as to the 'Friends Section'.
And last but not least there's a brand new article about 'Waste' within the 'Conservation Section' summarising the increadibly interessting history of New York City, lessons learned from the history of mankind, and some drawbacks in the way we manage our waste. This is probably the most innovative and fascinating article about 'Waste' you have ever read!

2017-01-01 Happy new year 2017!

Let us stand up brotherly to help that our environment doesn't change for the worse! And let us stand up brotherly as well for our european, democratic, and liberal values! May the following 365 days bring us peace and blessing to our environment!

2016-11-02 Portrait update

I regularly try to learn new techniques and new styles of art work to improve my artistic skills. If it comes to portraits I often victimize myself :-P This time I am very satisfied with the result. Have a look at the 'prtrait' section!

2016-11-02 Environmental Attitude

Sometimes I'm talking about saving the planet here on this website. Recently I heard someone saying 'I can't save the planet'. I'd like to comment on that.
To keep it short and simple: It's true. One person alone will never be able to save the world. Mainly there are two reasons. Firstly, we've got a time problem. We have already pushed very hard on our environment for the last two centuries. Even if we were able to act environment-friendly from tomorrow on, the planet's state will continue to worsen for some time. The earth needs time to recover and it will probably take more time than a human life is lasting! Why should I do something about it then? And secondly, there's something psychologists call a 'social dilemma': Why should I make an effort to help recovering the planet, while others continue like before. It's a doubled punishment - we need to change our behaviour (unpleasant) and others don't (annoying).
To sum up, if our goal is to save the world, we can only lose! The solution I suggest is a philosophical approach: I might not be able to save the world but thereforre I am able to help that our environment doesn't change for the worse!

2016-11-02 UN Climate Conference Marrakech

The next meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 22nd Conference of the Parties (#COP22) will take place from 7th - 18th of November in Marrakech, Marocco. It will be the first meeting after the Paris agreement to save the world together by trying to limit the global warming). Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert Redford will also attend the conference! The aim of the international conference is to concretize the Paris agreement. However, it is just an agreement. Critics, like myself, claim that a binding character is not given and some goals are not ambitious enough. This is why I am convinced that it is up to ordinary people like you and me solving our planet's environmental issues.

2016-10-17 anvilo-art.com launched officially

Every artist should have a message. Something important he wants to share woth the world. This is my deepest conviction. I have been searching for two years and as I found what I have been searching for, it took me another year to get to this point. With anvilo-art starts a kind of a long term project in the tradition of a very young photographic genre called 'conservation photography'. As the name implies, I will try to call attation to the challenges regarding our natural environment...
Today I am pround to announce the official start of anvilo-art - the place where conservation meets photography.