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At present we are living in an ice age (known as 'quaternary glaciation'). This is not a joke! Currently it's comparatively cold - in other words: it has already been warmer on this planet. Within this ice age there are warm and cold periods. Since about 11,000 years we are living in a warm period. Within this period the average surface temperature on the earth has increased about two degrees from 13°C up to 15°C.

Humankind exerts influence to the global climate since approximately 200 years (round about since the beginning of the industrialization). This would correspond with the 31st of December, 11:59 p.m. on a one-year-calendar representing the history of climate since the beginning of the earth! In the last 100 years the temperature has risen by 0.6 degrees - 95% thereof was due to humankind. It might sound little. However, projecting that to the last 11,000 years it would correlate a human-caused warming of nearly 63 degrees! This calculation is not a proper one but it gives a better feeling for the influence we already had on the global warming in the last century. By the way: Experts prognost the the global warming for the following hundred years up to 1.2 dregrees (best case) respectively 5.6 degrees (worst case)...

'We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now', Martin Luther King Jr.

Anyway, the problem is not the warming of the global climate itself but the rate with which this process is progressing. Our nature is a very sensitive system in need of balance. Small variations are not an issue, yet, such extrems like at present are not or hardly balanceable. Even if we will meet the objectives of the 'UN Climate Change Conference 2015' in Paris (#COP21), it will be uncertain wheather our earth is capable to balance this condition. However, the consequences are unimaginable. Hence, we need to do whatever is necessary to minimize the effect of manmade global warming at any cost!

In the following chapters I will provide basic information and key facts about the eco-system of our planet bit by bit. Check out for updates every once in a while! I also recommend to watch the following video clip warmly.

"If we crammed the history of our planet into a year, humans would have existed for the last 23 minutes, but consumed one-third of resources in the last 0.2 seconds." (Scarcity Waste)