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Presenting anvilo-art

The Story. I've always loved being outdoors, going for a run, hiking, taking pictures etc. But I've never been interested in environmental protection or in the state of our planet in general. Why should I? Everything looks very lovely around the place where I grew up. So obviously it couldn't be that bad. Well, frankly speaking it all started with my love for a wonderful woman. She took me to an exhibition about scarcity and waste of which I first thought it would be boring! I guess I don't need to mention that it wasn't. However, today I am deeply convinced that something needs to change in the way we walk the earth. This is what led me to this website and my efforts of calling attention to the global environmental challenges. Grazie cara!

The Mission. anvilo-art has committed itself to the idea of calling peoples attention to the global environmental challenges, and furthermore to challenge them to deal with these subjects. Therefore anvilo-art provides photographic works combined with the knowledge base about environmental issues - innovative and easy to understand.

The Vision. The people in the world no longer rely on politics, economy, and science to solve the global challenges. Instead we all play an active part in demanding and finding solutions that are environmentally sustainable: in an economical, ecological, and social way.

Behind The Scenes

The Artist. Hey everyone! My name Matthias and I'm passionate about photography, conservation and learning the most beautiful language in the world: Italian. What a coincidence that I'm living in a lovely part of Germany, which is said to be the 'German Tuscany'... Concerning anvilo-art I'm hoping to able to provide good information, inspiring photographies, and to convince you that we need to act now to shape the future of our planet for the good.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

About The Concept

Photographic works made to sensibilise and strengthen environmental awareness (Conservation Photography) usually present creations which reveal the drama of environmental damage and point to the deficits caused by humanity. However, these works have got a problem: a problem of acceptance. Unpleasant things are getting pushed aside or trivialized often. It is in the nature of man doing so. Other photographer focus on beautiful, almost idyllic pictures, similar to nature photography, to show the beauty of our world. Quite often these images display distant places to which we do not bear uppon in our everyday life - like to the Antarctic or to hidden places somewhere deep in the rain forrests and other exotic places. All of these works are enormously important and can not be valued enough: they hold a mirror up to our society.

Anyway, I do not share the opinion that these kind of artistic works will have a lasting impact on environmental conservation. Why? Pictures are able to transport messages and emotions. But will you ever learn that "Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted" (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)? I doubt that, which is why I chose a different way. It is basically the idea of the exhibition "Scarcity Waste". However, it differs in the photographs presented by the artists:

The concept of anvilo-art is that the interplay of presenting pictrues of a familiar environment on the one hand and providing facts and figures regarding the state of mother earth on the other, shall provoke respect and appreciation towards the world we are living in. And finally it shall cause an attitude change to think and act in a more ecology-minded way.

At the time when an apple will not only be perceived as an apple but as a small miracle that needs a lot of water, sun, nutrients, a healthy soil, time, animal support, human work and energy (e.g. for logistics) to grow and end up in our hands - only then the mission of anvilo-art will be succeeded.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" (Nelson Mandela)

The Name

The name 'anvilo' is a neologism - a new word which I created to realise the idea behind. It consists of the words anthropology (the study of various aspects of humans within societies), (natural) environment, and development. In simple terms, 'anvilo' is referring to human made environmental changes in consideration of economic and social transformation. Topics that will be discussed here are: Our waste, the plastic all over the world, feeding the planet, land utilization, fertilizers and pesticides, the use of water, exhaustible raw materials, and climate change.